international HealthTechScan (i-HTS) is our brand for the membership network including all services . i-HTS should highlight, that the EuroScan scientific association is not only focussed on Europe but also represented in all areas around the globe.

Our services towards capacity building for members

As a global arena of excellence we are bringing people with common aims together. We developing methods for efficient decision support on introduction and use of health technologies. By this we added value for daily workload. For scientists, decision makers, public and industry. 


We are a global network. Our members are located in all regions in the world. 

With our regional groups we are represented locally. See how we work.


Our work started as an idea. The idea of sharing information about innovative health technologies as early as possible.

To get those prepared who have to decide. Based on the best evidence available. 

Methods and Tools

We collecting and sharing information on innovative technologies. It contains sharing and development of methods for the early identification and early assessment of health technologies. 

By this we support predicing the potential impact of innovation on health services and existing technologies.


As a network of experts from different disciplines. 

By this we also able to share knowledge our knowledge and experiences on concepts and methods describing and assessing technologies.

With our partners we developing several training initiatives.

Our working groups

The Membership of the working group is by invitation only. The selection of members is based on their expertise, knowledge and commitment to the particular topic or area of work of the group. Invitations will be extended to individuals or organisations who are willing to actively contribute to the work and objectives of the working group.

Advanced therapy medicinal products

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) represent a paradigm shift in the field of healthcare and society, holding the promise of revolutionizing outcomes, care and societal well-being. …..

Technolgies for pediatric Services

In pediatrics there are many issues which are very much different from adults or elderlies. Children are not just small adults. They do have special requirements on the one hand, and on the other hand the evaluation is quite complex. …..

Digital tools and AI

When EuroScan started as a project, information and data had been rare. Today we don’t have the opposite challenge in finding the needed knowledge within the flood of mainly internet based publications. Today we are therefore trying to use AI and also develop tools how to evaluate digital tools. ….

Internal Services

Knowledge management, working tools and training to be used within capacity building and networking are the focus within this working group. By this WG we are also supporting the co-operative actions with our MOU partners. ….